Elegance with modesty

A semi-detached house in a quiet, residential area of Marylebone. The house is welcoming from the its entrance door to the hallway. Upon the walls are abstract paintings that summon a composed atmosphere. The floor is a modern laminate with a blend of homely browns and the walls are a subdued, cream colour meeting a plain white ceiling.

A small but gracious kitchen is accessible through the living room, and is built with simplicity in mind. Homely tiling, and colours that blend in with the rest of the property.

Project Overview



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Project Goals & Expectations

Our Client’s expectations were for a sober but refined finish to bring his property from its originally delapidated state to a dignified habitability.
This property was purchased with a clear vision in mind: to bring new life to its spaces, and push the value of the property up, making it a profitable investment not just in terms of practical utility, but also concerning its resale value.
With this in mind, we set out to procure the right materials to match our Client’s expectations, and we liaised with our trusted suppliers to give shape to the first concepts. The project was completed according to schedule to the full satisfaction of our Client.

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